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  • Joanna Dragneva
  • orlin pavlov
  • deep zone project
  • Kamen Vodenicharov
  • Gheto Man
  • Sofi Marinova
  • Ellie Radanova
  • Nencho Balabanov
    Nencho Balabanov
  • Petya Alexa
  • donna


About Us

"Rossko is an an exceptional composer, producer, remixer, songwriter, sound designer and mix engineer. He is very professional and his productions are incredibly versatile and creative. You can always count on him to deliver great melodies, great programming and great sound quality. I have had the pleasure of working with Rossko many times on original solo vocal productions, original vocal collaborations, solo remixes and or collaborative remixes; all though various styles of music, from dance, to pop to latin rhythms! And each time he has delivered great sounding vibrant material we are proud to count as part of our catalogue. I give Rossko 2 thumbs up! I highly recommend his services as a producer, composer, remixer, songwriter and mix engineer."


Lilla Vietri
Lilla VietriKULT records A&R

"Rossko is among the most qualified sound professionals around the globe in the field of pop and dance music. I had the pleasure of collaborating with him for more than ten years, creating together most of the material in Deep Zone’s first five albums. Together we changed the sound of the contemporary Bulgarian music, building up high standards. With tracks like “Ela izgrei!” and “I feel like” we started a new era in dance music which has been evolving ever since"

Dian SavovDeep Zone Project, Composer, DJ & Remixer

"When I need a remix, I always turn to DJ Rossko, because he is the best there is in Bulgaria. I’ve asked him recently to produce as well the music arrangements to some of our new songs and I must say that I definitely find his arrangements phenomenal. It is a real pleasure working with him and listening to our production in the clubs."


Krum Krumov
Krum Krumov Sunny Music, Label Owner

"Working with Rossko has always been a great pleasure for he certainly knows how to make artists feel good and give their best during the recording sessions."

Joana Dragneva
Joanna DragnevaPerformer

"I am glad that my first professional steps as a songwriter and beatmaker brought me to Reptilla Studio where I have become a regular thanks to Rossko’s expertise, loyalty and creativity."

Deyan AsenovMusic Composer & Performer

"He’s my favorite colleague and friend. He has a very precise attitude towards sound design. He puts a great deal of attention into all the details necessary to achieve a transparent sound picture. He’s equally good in the processes of recording, mixing and mastering."

GerasimComposer & Producer